Albion Online 's Nwe World

posted on 13 May 2016 09:24 by albiononline in Albion-Online-News

Since staff work hard and boss leadership, they are success that creating a new world. They are proud to present a first glance at the New World, as well as a look behind the scenes and they creation process.

" As Albion Online and its community kept growing, we realized the current world does not fully live up to the vision of what we want the lands of Albion to be. So, we took a step back and started redesigning the entire world map basically from scratch. While this is a huge challenge to tackle, it provides us the opportunity to make Albion truly come alive and give each cluster a unique feel.

The rebuild will include a total of five biomes: Forest, Highland, Mountains, Steppe and Swamp. Each of these environments will have their own particular flora and fauna as well as specific resources linked to it. For example, you will have an easier time finding fiber in the swamps, while an abundance of rock can be found in the highlands."

Now, let's enjoy the video



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