Your Own Private Space in Albion Online

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Yeah, you can have Albion little private space, though not in reality. That is your own Private Islands

Private Islands(upgradable island) are slices of the game world that players are able to purchase in major cities. These spaces allow you to build houses and workshops, as well as decorate and farm.

In our last tests, you purchased the island and then were done with that. We received much feedback requesting us to expand on the idea – that was something we wanted to do, so we went to work. We came up with an expansion to the system of private islands to make the entire concept more fun and entertaining.

As before, you start by purchasing a private island in one of the major cities, your own little private space and you start with a certain number of farming and building plots.

With our new system, however, you can now expand on the number of plots. It will be possible to upgrade your island with an investment of Silver. Your island then gets cleared of rubble and other obstructions to your expansion.

Currently, we plan on having a total of five levels of private islands. The higher levels offer some additional decoration options, and, most importantly, additional building and farming plots. Guild Islands will be upgradable as well.

All that additional building space offers room for so many activities and opportunities. One new system that will be introduced in the closed beta in November will be laborers - hirable non-player characters that will help you gather resources. A more detailed introduction to that new system will follow at a later date.

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Albion Online Combating And Crafting

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If you observe carefully, you will notice that the destiny board is split up into three main sections, combat, gathering, and crafting. For now we will talk only about Combat vs Crafting trees. When it comes to armor crafting, the progression goes based on the armor's material type for example you can begin crafting Light Cloth, then progress into crafting Medium Cloth and finally Heavy Cloth or you can do Heavy Plate into Light Plate, then into Medium Plate. This allows crafters to focus on gathering fewer resource nodes to accomplish their tasks.

On the combat side of the board, armor progresses based on armor type. This is because armor's of the same type share the same passives and abilities. For example: a player choosing the Heavy Type of armors is working towards being a tanky character. He will begin progression with Heavy Plate, then move onto Heavy Leather and finally into Heavy Cloth. Because the combat progression changes the material types as you go up in the destiny board to Buy Albion Online Gold, this limits combative players from easily crafting all of their own armors. While it may feel a bit more confusing this positively affects the economy by adding value to players who focus more on crafting.


One thing you will notice is that the destiny board is surrounded by three rings. An inner ring, middle ring and the outer most ring. On each ring are three armors. The inner most ring is known as Class 1 while the middle ring is Class 2. The outer most ring is Class 3.

Heavy Plate, Medium Leather, Light Cloth
Heavy Leather, Medium Cloth, Light Plate
Heavy Cloth, Medium Plate, Light Leather

Destiny Board

As you go up in class the armors gain extra health points as well as an increased PR+MR score. This also means the armors have less vulnerabilities. This however comes at a cost, the higher class armors require rarer resources as well as more money to repair. Choosing your armor style can be tricky since the differences between classes are not extraordinary with Cheap Albion Online Gold. Heavy plate for example may be just a class 1 armor but it still has the highest physical resistence of all the armors and is considerably much cheaper to produce then Heavy Cloth. Class 2 armors are a middle ground in costs while also providing a more balanced protection against both physical and magical damage. Class 3 armors will be best used in smaller battles where every stat counts such as GvG battles.

Albion Online Now Gets a New Death Mechanic

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Albion Online has been in my sights for some time, today I found an interesting new feature. Albion Online Now Gets a New Death Mechanic!

A big content update dubbed Cador has been live in Albion Online. This new feature is the new death mechanic which will have a player knocked down first, when their hit points run out first. An opposing player or mob then needs to move in for an execution, resulting in an additional strategic component in battles. This is very similar to Guild Wars 2's downed state and death.

Other new content includes a new furniture item Repair Kits, with which you can place practically anywhere in the world that will then serve as a convenient repair station. The developer has simplified the armor system to improve the readability so our players more easily know what’s what.

What's more, there are 2 new types of dungeons: the Mines and the Shanties. They are Heretic-themed and offer the gateway dungeon experience to low-tier solo players and small groups. You can see all new stuff and improvement here.

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